A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz & Swing Musicians is a book you'll treasure; full of information, stories and great photos outlining not only the history of jazz in Rhode Island, but also, more importantly, the players who made that history.

In 1988 Lloyd Kaplan and Robert Petteruti published Who's Who in Rhode Island Jazz c. 1925-1988. This was the first book of its kind, chronicling all the great jazz musicians to come out of the Rhode Island area. Now, Dennis Pratt and Dr. Tom Shaker have finished A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz & Swing Musicians updating and expanding Who's Who to include stories you'll never forget, like the drummer who ended up playing on a train trip to NYC with the legendary Charlie Parker and the RI sax player who likes to dress up as Batman, not only at his gigs, but going to them as well!

From Providence's legendary Celebrity Club, the first interracial night club in New England, to the renowned Monday night Big Band jazz gigs that began with Duke Belaire and continue today with John Allmark, A Treasury of Rhode Island Jazz & Swing Musicians will delight the jazz lover in all of us, whether you're from Rhode Island or not.

The book is available now. Come and join us at one of these upcoming events:


August 4-6, 2017

The authors are appearing all weekend long to sign books at the 2017 Newport Jazz Festival. We hope you'll stop by to check out the book as you listen to great jazz in the most beautiful setting anywhere!

See you there!

Dennis Pratt


Tom Shaker


While you’re here take a quick look at the trailer for the film "Do It Man: The Story of The Celebrity Club”.

It’s here! Order your copy now!